Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Below are a few projects that Amcor has worked on over the past few years.

Gold's GYM

Gold’s GYM in Oxnard, CA is a large building that includes a Juice bar. Amcor Engineering provided all mechanical, and plumbing designs.

The Palms

The Palms is a commercial complex in Oxnard, CA that includes a variety of companies ranging from juice bars and restaurants to standard retail. Amcor has been providing the complex with quality mechanical, and plumbing plans for 2 years as new projects arise. Luna’s Mexican, Party On, and California Lutheran University are among the examples of Amcor designs at The Palms.

Ventura County Star

The newly relocated Ventura County Star building provides all administrative and publication functions for Ventura’s home newspaper. Amcor engineering provide all mechanical and plumbing design for the new two story office building.


Gibbs Trucking’s new “in and out” service center with multiple full service truck bays and 2 story office areas.

And many more....